Sweet orange essential oil is therapeutic

Sweet orange essential oil is therapeutic

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Sweet Orange essential oil

Citrus sinensis

Ingredients: 100% organic and therapeutic sweet orange essential oil

Country of origin : Mexico

Extraction method : Cold pressing

Shelf life: 12-24 months

Storage conditions: in a cool, dark place at a temperature not higher than +25°C (it is preferable to store in the refrigerator if you rarely use it). Avoid direct sunlight and warm/hot surfaces. Do not expose to oxidation and ingress of air.

Therapeutic effect :

antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, anxiolytic, diuretic, soothing, tonic

Symptoms for which sweet orange essential oil is recommended for use:

indigestion , insomnia, anxiety, depression, nervous excitement, stress, irritability

Methods of use:

general massage and massage of reflex points on the palms, feet and ears, inhalations, skin application, point application, oral (internal) application, taking a bath, etc.


essential oils for external use must be diluted with a base oil (for example, olive oil, grape seed oil) in the appropriate concentration, based on the problem or purpose of use. For undiluted topical external or internal oral use, a consultation with an Aroma Fields aromatherapist is mandatory.

  • Do not use essential oil for intravenous or intramuscular injections
  • Never apply essential oils directly to the mucous membranes, nose, eyes, ear canal, etc
  • For people with a tendency to allergies, systematically conduct an allergy test before use
  • Never heat an essential oil for diffusion. Use only a special diffuser for spraying essential oils

Due to the content of the limonene molecule, it is important to store sweet orange essential oil properly (for example, in a dark container in the refrigerator or in a cold room, away from sunlight and heat as much as possible). When limonene is oxidized, essential oils rich in this component can potentially cause skin sensitization. Oxidized citrus essential oils should not be used in body care products or formulations intended for application to the skin.

Unlike other citrus oils, sweet orange essential oil is not phototoxic. Means with its content or the essential oil itself can be applied to the skin before going outside without the risk of photosensitivity

Combining sweet orange essential oil with other essential oils solves a number of different health problems and improves well-being. For this purpose, we create individual blends in the correct dosages and dilution rates, taking into account the therapeutic properties of the oils and give clear recommendations on the methods and regulations of application. We create an individual protocol for the voiced problems of the client.

If you have encountered certain difficulties in the body, on the skin, in the emotional or psychological aspect, etc., contact us, we will consult and create recommendations to solve the problem, relieve the symptoms or to improve the general well-being or psychological state.

An example of how sweet orange essential oil can be used

The combination of sweet orange essential oil with lemon essential oil can lift your mood, energy levels and set you up for a productive day.

You can buy sweet orange essential oil of high therapeutic quality in the Aroma Fields online store.

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