Aroma Fields natural cosmetics for cleansing the skin of the face are, first of all, Ukrainian cosmetics and organic cosmetics. Most of the components we use in our ecological cosmetics are grown on our own field 50 km from Kyiv. We carefully grow plants, we do not use pesticides, we collect each plant for processing by hand and turn it into valuable components, from which we create herbal eco-cosmetics for skin, hair and face care.

Environmental cosmetics for the face of our brand are presented in a wide range of care products, covering the need for basic and advanced facial care:

- natural cosmetics for facial cleansing
- organic cosmetics for toning the face
- herbal cosmetics for moisturizing the face

Read more about the facial skin cleansing category below.

Natural cosmetics for cleansing the skin of the face

Facial cleansers should always be in your arsenal, because cleansing is an extremely important step in facial skin care. Dirt, sweat, dust that accumulates on the face during the day must be effectively and gently removed from the skin, so as not to provoke inflammation, rashes, acne, pimples, etc.

It is very important that skin cleansers are of the highest quality with friendly and organic ingredients. After all, the majority of natural cosmetics for the face in the skin cleansing category contain various aggressive surface-active substances that, when washed, wash away everything from the face, even lipid barriers, which then provoke skin diseases.

Organic cosmetics for cleansing the skin of the face

Natural cosmetics for facial cleansing do not contain surface-active substances at all or they must be of plant origin. It is also important to choose the right cleaning products for your skin type:

- means for cleaning oily skin
- natural cosmetics for cleaning combination skin
- organic means for cleaning dry facial skin

Of course, it is best to stop your choice and buy completely 100% organic cosmetics for facial cleansing. Our range of organic skin cleansers includes:

– micellar water for removing make-up and cleansing the skin
- ubtan for cleaning the skin of the face for different skin types
- washing gel
- hydrolates for cleansing the face
- masks for deep cleansing of the skin

Your natural choice of cosmetics

Aroma Fields micellar water is suitable for removing make-up from eyes and face. Universal tool for any type of skin. Natural micellar that does not burn the eyes. It saves your time because it removes makeup quickly. Natural micellar water for removing makeup does not irritate your delicate eyes, because it contains the most natural oat micelles. It does not dry the skin after use, because it is enriched with active moisturizing components.

Ubtan is a cool tool for cleaning the skin from black spots and not only that. This product is 100% organic, because it consists exclusively of plant components (clay, grains and dried flowers of herbs, etc.). Ubtan is especially effective for oily and problematic skin, because it removes sebum residues and narrows pores without disturbing the lipid layer of the skin. Ubtan has a light scrubbing effect and is also used as a mask for deep cleansing of the skin, if left a little longer on the skin. Before use, natural ubtan must be diluted with clean water or, even better, with a hydrosol to a mushy state, and applied to the face. You can buy ubtan for different skin types at an affordable price on our website, the cost and duration of its use will pleasantly surprise you.

Compared to ubtan, natural washing gel is faster and easier to use. Gel for washing is another care product from our assortment of natural cosmetics for cleaning the face. Our natural gel contains only natural components, including surface-active substances, but they are of plant origin, namely oat, so the skin of your face is maximally protected. Natural face cleansing gel delicately removes dirt residues from your skin, leaving it soft and supple. You can buy facial cleansing gel on our website or on the official Aroma Fields Instagram account by sending us a private message.

Natural hydrolates

Natural hydrolate is a universal tool, three in one. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes the skin. If your skin gets moderately dirty during the day, you can ignore the additional cleanser and buy lavender or mint hydrolat. Thus, you will also save money. We produce hydrolat of lavender and hydrolat of mint independently by the method of distillation from plants that we grow in our own field. Hydrosol of lavender has a calming effect, and hydrosol of mint is more invigorating. You can buy hydrolat of mint and hydrolat of lavender always fresh on our website or directly in the Instagram account.

Now you know that the best cosmetics for facial cleansing are the products of the Ukrainian manufacturer Aroma Fields. So do not hesitate, you can order natural products for cleaning the skin of the face right here and now.

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